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Boulez is dead (2016)

Interview on life-form with Stephane Ginsburgh (2012)

Stockhausen today and tomorrow (2012)

Construction of CONSTRUCTION (download illustrated pdf text (26.5 MB)) (2011)

NO programme note and interview with Veronika Lenz (2005)

DARK MATTER - interview with Daryl Buckley and programme note (2003)

Blattwerk - composition/improvisation/collaboration (2002)

Vanity - beginnings of an analysis (1996)

"Complexity", one last time (1992)

I open and close (1992)


Aaron Brooks: A radical idiom: Style and meaning in the guitar music of Derek Bailey and Richard Barrett and Energy Shapes, an original composition for electric guitar and electronic sounds. Doctoral dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 2014

Luc Döbereiner: "Kartographie des kompositorischen Raums in den Arbeiten von Richard Barrett und Agostino di Scipio" (Kunsttexte 2013-2)

"A monumental construction" for the HCMF website (2011)

"Resistance is fertile" for the HCMF website (2010)

Mesopotamia - podcast interview with Sarah Mohr-Pietsch for the London Sinfonietta (2009)

Interview with Bob Gilmore for Paris Transatlantic (2009)

Interview with Tom Service in The Guardian (10 February 2005)

Interview with Rachel Campbell for Masthead (2001)

"The resonant box with four strings" - interview with Arne Deforce (2000)

"Unter Wasser - introductions, observations, positions" for Masthead (2000)